Another of my pieces is featured in this ECVA exhibit!

“Each piece of art in this exhibition is a prayer or meditation on all that God embraces under Abraham’s tent. The artists’ visions are revealed in bold, bright colors and strong, clean lines; created with the softness of quilted fabric, lace, and watercolor; yet embracing the hardness of stones, knives, and graffiti. We see faces that are warm, welcoming, weathered, and wise. The settings include desert sands and seawater, open skies and burning flames.

These images illustrate stories we have from scripture, the struggles we face to live in an increasingly interconnected world, and our dream for Abraham’s tent to be a place of blessing for his descendants—uncountable as grains of sand, numerous as the stars—and all the families of the earth.” Bowie Snodgrass, Curator – Faith House Manhattan, Executive Director